We are restoring balance to the lives of veterans in need, and we are improving the community by facilitating veteran/civilian unity.

Serving those who served us.

Financial Education


Our financial programs are geared toward assisting qualified disabled veterans with emergency needs, and also equipping veterans to take control of their finances. If you are in need, reach out to us so we can connect you with resources.



Want to enter back into the workforce, but don’t have the skills needed to enter your dream career? Want to go into business for yourself, but don’t know how? Contact us and we will help connect you with resources to start or continue your education.



If you need help connecting to reliable medical veteran resources, then we are here for you. Our network works with disabled veterans to get you the answers. Contact us to find out more.



Sometimes we all need a little rest and relaxation. If you need some time to cool your heels, then give us a shout. We can figure out which affiliate programs are good for your health and wellness while you recover from the visible and invisible wounds of combat.

Honoree Nominee

“Veterans 365 took the time to help me and other veterans when we were in our time of need..”

When we had been tossed into a world that was foreign to us and didn't understand what we were going through, Tor and Veterans 365 was there to lead the way out of the darkness.
Jordan Marks

Join Us In Our Mission

Veterans 365 will restore balance in disabled veterans lives, and improve communities by facilitating veteran/civilian cooperation